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About us...

About the Two Rivers Privity

A Wild-West Community in Beaver Creek Valley

The Two Rivers Privity (TRP) is a community of hobbyists, who attend the cultural history of North-American settlers and Native Americans.

It's our goal to rebuild the American Old West in Unterbruck/Kastl near Kemnath. The area we're calling Beaver Creek Valley, is a property with the size of 11.960 sq yd. We use clothes and dwellings that are in accordance with the epochs of the time.

Within this hobby, we meet like-minded people, who re-live a historical world in according outfits. This kind of reenactment is also called "living history". It's very important for us to wear clothes and use tools that are as close to the according times as possible.

The representing characters in our community range from Native Americans from the Lakota, Apache, Crow and Pawnee people to trappers, mountainmen, cowboys, Texas Rangers, Yankees and Confederates, as well as emigrants from a lot of different cultures.

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Events and education

Of course, we do not remain only among ourselves for the whole year. We feel obliged to pass on our work and our knowledge to others who identify with the matter, but who have not yet had any experience with it. In the past, we have visited kindergartens and schools, among others, and have done valuable educational work. Various events are also taking place on our premises, where you can see us live and in color and ask questions.

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Regular get-togethers

We meet regularly on our premises in authentic outfit. We discuss about a time long past, do handicraft work, make music or cook together. In workshop meetings, organized by members of the community, we expand our knowledge or demonstrate our skills. The spectrum ranges from archery, axe throwing, herbology to wool dyeing and leather work. But most of all, we enjoy the feeling of well-being among friends on Beaver Creek Valley.

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Interested? Pay us a visit!

We're always looking for nice people,
who also want to dive into this special world!
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More about Beaver Creek Valley

Find out more about our premise
and dive into a long forgotten world!
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