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Sale of miniatures
Hand-painted unique works by the master craftsmen

The following unique artworks are for sale and are by the talented artist Rainer Freiberg (RF).

Each of these works of art is unique and will never be available again in this form.

We offer you a unique opportunity to purchase these masterpieces directly from the artist. Once sold, they will no longer be available in our stock.

Normally, these artists do not sell their works of art, but add them to their collections. However, after consultation with the individual artists, the following figures are for sale.

So this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

You can declare your interest in the individual works of art in our inquiry form. We will then forward your request directly to the respective artist.

Please give realistic price expectations. Fun offers or offers far below the value of the artwork will not be forwarded by us.

    Non-binding, free inquiry

    Your request is non-binding and free of charge.
    Mandatory fields are marked with *.

    Please note that we only act as an intermediary for your request, as the artists do not have their own website or store. We do not receive any commission for the mediation.